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Mission und Vision - our story

The vision and mission came into being when we founded Smart Desk Share. Especially during the mission we were driven by our own experiences. We have not had a real mission in the past, but definitely a vision, with great ideas and a tight budget.


We needed a location to start and to found and register a company. A small office had to be enough for the first time. Most flexible in terms of maturity or at least a short maturity, so we could react flexibly to growth. Plus no additional costs like brokerage brokerage and deposit.


But in vain, because such a thing hardly exists for company founders / startups. Either one was not considered directly because no sales were to be shown or with correspondingly long terms. Courts and bail hurt us, but were inevitable. In addition, the challenge has been to get in contact with other creative people. So the mission was clearly defined and with an unequivocal message.

Our mission is: Office solutions, flexible, for every budget, with maximum benefit and in a valuable community. Mission complete!

There is always a need for an apartment to live in and always an office to work with. Our vision is that the range of office space is available to a strong community. An area of creativity, innovation, hospitality and a place of tranquility. Rent if necessary and only for as long as necessary. Flexible, with the growth of orders, use the required spaces. Terms of demand and not profit-optimized.

In the meantime, we have expanded and want to close a gap from the experience gained. We create individual office space, clear cost structure, short flexible rental period and no hidden cost to a large community. A place you like to visit, find your peers, complement each other and achieve goals together and be successful.

Our values


It is always easier in a large community where the we are at the forefront. In a team, the strengths of the individuals are potentiating.


We are inventors, executives and supporters. We complement new things, with moving, take different paths and in no way shy away from modernity and the future. Clear goals and courage drive us.


We are happy to achieve things together. It goes without saying that every person is free. Free in his decisions, free in his actions, free in his life.


We are grateful for our team, our members and that we are part of this movement. Success is not a matter of course for us. We are excited to be alive.


For us, unconditional and unreserved attention to everyone in the present without evaluating is very important.

to learn

We like to learn and know that this is an ongoing process. Learning means evolving. We learn to get better and understand better.