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EUR 1 to EUR 10.000

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Why offer space?

Offers on are Premises different sizes and features, in different places. Everyone has the opportunity to offer a room. This means that as a vendor, you are an integral part of this community and you are broadening the overall offerings to include your space. We present your offers, giving you the opportunity to work with companies of various sizes and to meet with many different people. The risks and the workload are minimal – so you do not have to worry about the long term use. And experience has shown that especially network concepts have a much greater reach than the individual, time-consuming and sometimes cost-intensive marketing of their own offers.

All visitors to, the offers are presented. Broadening the portfolio will broaden the offer and this will benefit the community. As a result, the community is growing. And as the community grows, so does the demand on offers. With increasing premises, the selection becomes more extensive. Which results in everyone finding a location to achieve their own goals. A win-win situation for everyone involved. Tenants, suppliers and offers are checked and approved by us. The booking is made online and is also paid online. For this we offer the options Paypal, Stripe, credit card and bank transfer. Soon, the payment with BTC will be possible. This provides security for providers and users.

Access, to a larger market

Many people strive to achieve their goals within a limited time by setting deadlines. In order to achieve its goals successfully, it is sometimes necessary to go new or different ways.

Start-ups are promising start-ups, which often fail because of the budget. Unnecessary costs should be avoided, but a place of creativity is essential. Fast-growing businesses are quick to opt for a smart-desk-share furnished extension because it meets their flexibility needs, so they will not have to worry about anything. The focus is entirely on the business essence.

Tastefully furnished rooms and flexible use ensure fast occupancy, increase activities and are often the beginning of a long-term and trusting cooperation.

Not infrequently, the intake can be increased by up to 30%. In particular, if their office space remained largely unused, an increase in value could be recorded in certain cases.